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Asset Management Services


MANAGEMENT: OHM Hotels offers a diverse range of hotel management services to accommodate the unique needs of both limited and full service hotels, as well as extended stay establishments. OHM Hotels recognizes that to achieve their philosophy of “overall excellence”, the services they have developed need to be fully integrated into their hospitality partners' daily operations.

OHM highly emphasizes utilizing each property's unique resources to improve performance, operating and organizational systems, strategy, management and personnel development.


To strengthen clients' bottom line, OHM provides accounting systems that gives its' clients 1) full access to evaluate their hotel's performance and 2) detailed financial and operating reports to operate their assets profitably. OHM provides its' clients and properties with the following financial recording and reporting functions:

  • Balance Sheet
  • General Ledger Detail Report
  • Check Register
  • Budget
  • Monthly Financial Statement
  • YTD Financial Comparison Report
  • 12 Month Trailing Financial Report
  • Daily Revenue Report
  • Weekly Cash Reports
  • Month-to-Month Financial Reports
  • Greater ROI and Cash-on-Cash return
  • Capital Reserves Program


Sales & Marketing

Extensive knowledge of the market is the catalyst to effective sales. OHM is strongly committed to the belief that to be the best in the market, a wealth of market knowledge, combined with innovative hotel sales techniques and marketing solutions must be at the center of the strategy. OHM's approach to Sales & Marketing provides in-depth implementation based on results-oriented strategies used by other leading hospitality organizations.

Sales is mastering the art and science of persuading potential customers that the product being offered is what the customer needs, when and where they need it and that it is obtainable at an attractive price point that best suits their budget.

OHM invests substantial resources into training, above and beyond what the hospitality brands require, with a program designed to guide and direct the sales effort on the property to drive results. Strong emphasis is placed on Aggressive Direct Selling with the integration of Revenue Management, thus yielding higher revenue for the hotel. Some of OHM's main objectives are:

  • Growing and Retaining our Top-tier Accounts
  • Winning over and promoting our competitors' accounts to become loyalists of our hotels
  • Developing innovative hotel marketing strategies to sustain the evolving world of technology.
  • Converting more inquiries into sales through ongoing training of those outside of sales – Front Desk Associates, are valued as an extension of our Sales Department.



OHM understands the relationship between sound financial management and success. In devising the strategy behind purchasing, they persistently consider how each decision will potentially impact the bottom line in order to produce profitable results & higher returns.

Effective control and centralizing purchasing efforts are the key components to the overall operation. Purchases such as furniture, fixture, equipment and operational supply from hotel vendors are placed through a centralized purchasing department, resulting in improved efficiency and execution at the hotel through negotiated pricing and volume discounts.

All contracts are aggressively negotiated to attain the best possible pricing. Leveraging decades-long relationships with a national network of suppliers also plays a major role in purchasing and OHM ensures that their managed hotels obtain superior quality goods and services at the best possible prices

Human Resources

The team at OHM Hotels is the backbone to their success, which is substantiated through their determination to invest in the best available talent and provide the training, support and compensation to retain them. This commitment to grow and retain human capital has resulted in a lowered Associate turnover rate, well below the industry average.

OHM Hotels not only values their talent, but they've also discovered, when appropriately emulated, the processes involved are designed to increase retention at any establishment. OHM administers all human resource and risk management practices and initiatives, and is also responsible for manpower planning and recruitment, benefits administration, directing and monitoring development programs, labor and contract negotiations, legal compliance, as well as consulting through training and development.

OHM strives to be an employer of choice in the Southeast region by being proactive in every aspect of human resources. The goal is ongoing: to maximize the experience of our hospitality associates, while limiting the liability of our ownership groups.

Revenue Management

To achieve a fair share of the market, it takes time and talent to identify those distribution channels that will produce at any level of demand. We understand the challenges of hotel revenue management; it can be time consuming and counterproductive to the growth of sales and productivity of the property. Whether it is rate parity issues, over-sold rooms, conflicting selling rates and times, missing rate hurdles or fences to avoid spikes, forgetting to close-out in time, etc…we understand. We also understand that something as seemingly trivial, such as perishable room inventory, is associated with long-term loss; what isn't sold today is tomorrow's lost opportunity cost.

OHM strongly encourages managers to assign high priority to mastering their revenue management. Most hotel operators do not have the resources or time to maintain their online booking channels and/or utilize them to the fullest capacity and potential. The reality is, revenue management is not an area that operators can afford to disregard; rather they need to have both the confidence and competence in their revenue management practices, as it is vital to thriving in the hospital industry. With OHM's knowledge and expertise, sales will dramatically increase through all distribution booking channels.

The Approach

  • Prioritize hotel revenue management and develop a culture within clients' organizations that embrace it.
  • business process and evolving Develop RM practices in the context that hotel revenue management is a dynamic discipline.
  • Foster a cooperative and collaborative environment between operations and sales/marketing/catering
  • Address RM in three equal parts: Culture development, Team-centric decision making, Strategic and tactical skills
  • Teach the basics – to the team and trainer – and master low-tech skills before implementing high-tech solutions
  • Demystify and then simplify revenue management concepts
  • Customize solutions for each hotel operation
  • Provide small “doses” of consultation and training over longer durations to maximize retention
  • Place equal emphasis on both strategic and tactical techniques

Revenue Generation Summary

Regardless of what stage of establishment a particular hotel is at, rarely will the brand itself single-handedly serve to generate the bulk of its' business. The maximization of revenue from all market segments requires an aggressive, progressive and thoroughly developed sales and marketing infrastructure. Without a generous marketing expenditure and well-developed sales planning and implementation process, even the most ideally positioned hotel is likely to suffer.

The formulation of revenue strategies, maintenance and balance of the electronic, internet and central reservations systems, and optimization of the rates and inventory is required on all channels to satisfy the needs of the business. OHM Hotel's infrastructure has sales and marketing specialists who cover such segments as electronic and internet marketing, group or wholesale tour operator sales, aircrew sales, leisure marketing and conference sales. These specialists work with typical the brand system channels, but they also have developed a network of other channels and contacts that they directly access and approach to grow the business.

Effective revenue management requires an entrepreneurial spirit and OHM is passionate about sharing their systematic approach to assist their hospitality partners in actively pursuing those strategies.

Food And Beverage

The goal of OHM Hotel's Food and Beverage operations is to provide an impressionable and quality experience for our customers while maximizing revenue opportunities.

OHM Hotel trains associates and develops systems in a manner that provides guests with consistent, quality experience. We perform continuous evaluations of all food vendor products, placing focused attention on overall food quality and pricing.

OHM Hotel utilizes their brand-established relationships to maximize economies of scale. In addition, we effectively market the hotel's food and beverage products generating additional revenue.

While many management companies tend to think that the Food & Beverage sector is a lost commodity, OHM Hotels believes that this sector, if managed wisely, can be an asset to any full service hotel; an alluring amenity to guests and fruitfully profitable for the hotel.